‘Welcome To Sweetie Pies’ Miss Robbie Continues To Support Son, Amid H’it Man Hire To K*ll His Nephew

James ‘Timothy’ Norman’s trial date is scheduled for September 2022.

Welcome To Sweetie Pies star Miss Robbie is continuing to support her son, James ‘Timothy’ Norman, who was arr’ested and char’ged for the mur’der-for-hire k*lling of his nephew, Andre Montgo3mery back in 2020.

In a recent interview with KTVI, Miss Robbie took a moment to speak on Norman’s ongoing case and doubled down on her words following the arr’est of the 43-year-old.

“I’ve had tough times and I’m still having them, but God is good,” she said. “My son is in trouble right now but I’m his mother and I don’t know no more about it than you cause I hear it when you do, but I’m there for him to support….that’s my son and I can’t abandon him now.”

Montgomery, 21, was k*lled outside of a St. Louis apartment complex back in 2016. According to reports, Norman, his uncle, took out several life insurance policies on the victim totaling over $400,000 and attempted to cash in the policies just days after his nephew’s de’ath.

A burner phone and cell phone data were used to tie Norman to the horrific crime, WLBT reports.

The susp’ected shooter in the incident was later named as Travell Anthony Hill, 30, who pleaded gui’lty. He named Norman as his employer, and two others in connection to the cr’ime.

James ‘Timothy’ Norman’s trial date is scheduled for September 2022.

Source: bet.com

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