Vanilla Ice Disses Suge Knight in Response to “Ice Ice Baby” Co-Writer Calling Him Out

Mario “Chocolate” Johnson recently sat down with The Art of Dialogue to speak about his co-writing credit on Vanilla Ice’s 1990 hit song “Ice Ice Baby.”

Johnson claimed that Vanilla Ice had nothing to do with writing the song, “Every song I did on that album, he credited himself. He said he wrote ‘Ice Ice Baby’ at 16. He didn’t write no parts of that song, and he really believed it. So imagine that. People think that we had a problem with ‘Ice Ice Baby.’ We didn’t. ‘Ice Ice Baby’ was already in the can, paperwork done.”

While speaking about Vanilla Ice’s To the Extreme debut album, Johnson added, “We had a problem that when the record came out, I was sent to Texas to work with him on the album. I did nine songs, and he was supposed to pick five that I was getting paid for, but he ended up putting all nine on the album.”

Vanilla Ice took to Twitter to address the interview, writing, “Suge Knight garbage. Now put your fanny pack on and dancin shoes and let’s kick it @TMZ.”

Vanilla Ice previously claimed in a 1996 interview with ABC News that Johnson was an acquaintance of Suge’s who had nothing to do with writing his #1 hit. During the interview, Vanilla Ice also denied rumors that Suge hung him over a balcony to sign a contract, as he stated, “That’s a lie. I read the story, and I heard it, and I had to defend it nine million times, but he never took me to the balcony, threatened to hang me over, or anything.”


Cassidy Campbell

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