Little Girl Wakes up to Mom’s Screams, Finds Her on the Bathroom Floor and Starts Praying

A little girl was in bed sleeping when she heard screams coming from a close distance. She immediately got out of bed and followed the sound, only to find her mother lying on the bathroom floor. How do you think the little girl reacted to the situation?

Believe it or not, some children happen to be wise beyond their years. Often, youngsters are thought to be naive or reckless, and their observations and ideas might be ruled out based on their tender age.

But sometimes, children’s comprehension, feelings, thoughts, and actions might be so profoundly brilliant that they can leave adults awe-struck and speechless. The child in today’s story did something similar, and we hope her story will help inspire our valued readers.


Back in 2014, six-year-old Janeicea Armstrong was sleeping peacefully when she heard a loud noise that instantly woke her up. She sat on her bed and wondered from where the sound was coming.

It turned out that someone was screaming, so Armstrong got out of her bed and ran straight through the door. The little girl was astonished to find that the sound was coming from the bathroom, and it was her mom who was screaming.

Without wasting time, Armstrong ran toward her mother, lying on the bathroom floor. Her mom, Canisha Owens, was seven months pregnant at the time and was writhing in unbearable pain.


Usually, a child might panic or become scared in such a situation, but the smart girl wrapped her mom in a comforting hug and told her that everything would be okay. Then, little Armstrong started praying fervently. Owens recollected:

“She [Janeicea] heard me screaming, so she woke up and came in the bathroom, and we just hugged each other. She was praying. She was like, ‘It’s okay Mommy, breathe.'”

With her daughter comforting her, Owens mustered up the strength to call 911, but the excruciating pain prevented her from speaking to the operator. When the pregnant woman couldn’t take it anymore, she handed the phone to her little girl.

The six-year-old child listened carefully to the instructions from the emergency operator. Armstrong said she was eager to do anything to help her mom feel better and ease her pain.

The first-grader also shared that her future plans didn’t involve delivering babies.


Owens noted how her daughter talked to the operator while she tried to push. She also revealed:

“She talked to them while I was pushing, and before I know it, the baby is coming out. I looked down, I seen her head, and I took a deep breathe in and pushed real hard. And then her body started to come, and I grabbed her, and picked her up (sic).”

Meanwhile, Armstrong, who sat next to her mother and watched her deliver the baby, said it was a weird experience. The mother-daughter duo had hoped to wait until the paramedics arrived, but the prevailing circumstances didn’t give them much time.


Shortly afterward, the 911 operator told Armstrong to find a string to tie around the baby’s umbilical cord. However, the youngster said she could not find more string and decided to improvise. She recalled:

“I just couldn’t find no more string, so I just got it from the couch. I tried to tie it, but it wouldn’t work.”

But somehow, the quick-thinking girl acted upon the operator’s instructions and stayed brave and calm. Eventually, she cut the fringe off their couch pillows to help cut the umbilical cord after not being able to find a shoelace.


Finally, the paramedics arrived, and the family was taken to the hospital. Owens observed that her daughter seemed completely unshaken from the seemingly terrifying birth experience. The proud mother recounted:

“I heard her [Janeicea] in the ambulance in the front seat singing.”


Much to the family’s delight, the baby was born healthy and weighed 3.5 pounds. Armstrong was thrilled to welcome a baby sister and couldn’t wait to spend time with her. The first-grader also shared that her future plans didn’t involve delivering babies. She described:

“I do want to be a doctor when I grow up, so maybe not that kind of doctor.”

Undoubtedly, Armstrong’s commendable help and support helped her mom deliver the baby. Had she not acted wisely and quickly, things might have taken a different route. If this story warmed your soul, please share it with your family and friends.



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