L.A. Drill Rapper, MoneyGa’ngVontae, Fa’t’ally Shot Inside of a Pharmacy in the Bronx

As the wheels for g’un viol’e’nce in New York City continue to turn, yet another Drill rapper has fallen vic’t’im to the growing epid’emic. This time around, the vi’ctim of a de’adly sho’oting was an outsider, from Los Angeles, who had ascended upon the city to partake in a live show. According to reports, Avanti Frowner (aka MoneyGangVontae) made the f’at’al mistake of posting a series of photos of himself on Instagram, during his  NYC visit, all while sp’orting a huge chain around his neck, with a caption that read, “I Got Use To Counting So Much Money I Got Paper C’ut’s!!”

Shortly thereafter the 27-year-old LA rapper was tra’c’ked down by some locals, around 1:30pm and followed into a d’ru”gs’tore called the Amazing Phar’macy, located at 595 East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx. Di’st’urbing sur’veil’lance fo’otage from inside the phar’macy depicts a vic’io’us be’atd’own by four a’ssai’lants before one of the men pul’led out a fi’re’a’rm and disc’ha’rged’ his we’ap’on multiple times from poin’t-bl’ank range, hi’tt’ing MoneyGa’ngVontae in the ch’est as he laid on the ground, defe’ns’eless. In the process of the com’m’itting the vio’l’ent act, one of the perp’etrators sn’atc’hed MoneyGa’ngVontae’s signature cha’in from off of his ch’est, before he va’ca’ted the premise with the rest of his crew.

“There were about three sh’ots, and I saw the guys running away from the ph’arm’acy,” said an unn’amed wi’tness. “They ro’bb’ed him. One of them had his ch’ain…One of the guys had a g’u’n and he put it in the po’cket of his s’horts as they ran away.”

Immediatley following the s’h’ooting, MoneyGangVontae was rushed to St. Barnabas H’osp’ital, but it was to no avail as he was pr’ono’unced de’ad. The ass’aila’nts still haven’t been cap’tured for their tra’nsgre’ssions.

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Source: vladtv.com

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