Ki’rk Franklin’s Est’ranged Son Released Ja’il, Thanks His Father

After nearly two months behind ba’rs, K’irk Franklin‘s est’ranged son was re’leased from ja’il and thanked his dad. He was let out on June 1.

Ker’rion was arrested in April and ini’tially without bond due to his current warr’ants. The warr’ants all ste’mmed from him failing to appear in court for mis’demeanors in 2007.

Radar Online re’ported, “The char’ges were listed as fal’sely re’presenting self to officer, po’ssession of purported government issued California driver’s license/California identification, and po’ssession of al’cohol under 21.”

Now, Ker’rion is a free man and just uploaded his first selfie to Instagram since his re’lease, though he announced that his legal tro’ubles were far from over. At least he can be in the com’fort of his home during his ongoing le’gal battles.

He said, “When tro’ubles of any kind come your way, consider it all great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your en’durance has a chance to grow. The jou’rney is not over yet 1 more case left to handle.”

He en’ded the post, #TeamKer’rion and thanked his mother and father. If you didn’t know, the father and son haven’t gotten along ever since the gos’pel artist threa’tened to put his foot up his son’s a** from a fig’ht in 2021. Ker’ion released the audio, leaving the artist floo’ding the internet with “sorry.”

Franklin said, “Sincerely sorry to all of you.” He continued, “I sincerely apo’logize. I want you to know as a father, that during that conversation, I called the family ther’apist and got that ther’apist on the phone to try to help. He never played that part of the recording.”

He hasn’t talked to his son since his imp’risonment and has yet to respond to his son’s release.

Cassidy Campbell

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