Azealia Banks Has Meltdown During Pride Show: “I Don’t Wanna F**king Be Here”

Azealia Banks recently made an appearance in Miami for a Pride appearance and took out some anger about the current dealings in her life. While the anger wasn’t aimed at fans, the attendees caught most of the rant.

Banks was onstage for a performance at the Wynwood Pride concert and made it known she wasn’t rocking with the way promoters tried to jerk her around about the set time, along with information on if she was headlining the event. Banks went on to say, “I’m really not happy to be here.” She then told the crowd it’s not their fault, saying, “I’m trying y’all, but it’s difficult.”

Azealia Banks continued to repeat, “I really don’t wanna f***ing be here,” which reportedly prompted her microphone to be cut off. From there, Banks was visibly mad and threw down the mic before leaving the stage rapidly. Watch above.

source: TMZ

Cassidy Campbell

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