Woman Tells Police That Ambulance With St@bbing V#ctim Is Blocking Her BMW, Doesn’t Hold Back

Rob Bermudez, a Los Angeles County resident, recorded a disturbing incident at a Mexican restaurant parking lot. The video showed a San Bernardino woman arguing with police and emergency personnel who had responded to calls of a v#ctim st@bbed in the head.

Her pr0blem? The AMR ambulance and police patrol car had blocked in her BMW sedan.

According to r0b’s caption, the v#ctim had been st@bbed in the head in or near the restaurant. First responders parked right outside the restaurant’s doors when they got to the scene. Moments later, a couple tried to leave, but the ambulance had blocked their way, and they couldn’t back out and leave.

One responder is heard talking to the woman, saying: “Ma’am, I’m doing my job, please stand away from the vehicle. (We will move our ambulance) in due time.”

r0b then chimes in: “What’s your view on all this? The ambulance needs to move because you’re inconvenienced?”

To which she responds, “The world is not going to stop, if that was an emergency they would not be sitting here. And I’m sorry if people don’t like that, that’s just tough sh**.”

As she tries to get her partner to move out the BMW, an officer at the scene tells the driver to move the car back to its previous spot and tells the driver, “We had somebody st@bbed in the head so we can’t (let you exit) right now, OK?”

This woman responds, “I’m not going to sit here for them!”

And the officer responds, “You’re gonna stay here, OK. Yes, you are.”

The woman folds her arms over her chest and goes on to “answer back” to what the officer tells her, still upset.

The woman’s actions were slammed on social media, with some people commending the officer for remaining calm throughout the entire encounter.

Sources: Tire Meets Road

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