Woman Dies After Sitting On Haystack While Planning Her Mother’s Funer@l, Suffers Tr@gic Demise

An Alabama family had to hold a double funer@l after a grandmother and mother passed away just a day apart.

29-year-old Kalyn Rolan was in Selma making funer@l arrangements for her mother, r0berta Lynn, when she was att@cked by fire ants. Rolan was on phone while sitting on a haystack when the unfortunate incident unfolded.

Her mother-in-law, Sheila Rolan, said: “The ants started coming out and getting all over her and she came off the haystack and my son said he grabbed her and put her on the ground, took her clothes off trying to help her to save her but he couldn’t save her.”

Family members stated that she was severely allergic to fire ants, and that she’d swollen to the point where she couldn’t breathe.

“She died in my son’s arms. I can only imagine what he’s going through right now, you know, and then having to save her mother too,” Sheila said.

Rolan left behind her husband and two young boys.

Sources: WHO 13

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