Walmart Shopper’s Service Dog Smacked by Mom’s Kids, Goes Off On Her In Facebook Post

Laura Joos, a disabled Walmart shopper sensationally hit back at a woman whose kids smacked her service dog and could have potentially got her k#lled.

On the fateful day, Laura was shopping at Walmart in the company of her service dog when she noticed the woman and her 3 kids headed her way. According to her, from the initial perception of the family, Laura was convinced the kids would pet her dog but she had to brave it and prove her assertions wrong. What happened next was all expected as one of the kids reached out to the service dog and smacked it hard just in front of their mum. This left Laura frustrated and livid.

She poured her frustrations out by calling out the mother of three on social network site, Facebook advising her to keep her children in line as their actions are not accepted in the society. In the initial post, she wrote:

‘‘I was dreading it, I knew your kids were going to try and pet my dog. I knew you had no intention of telling them, don’t pet the dog. It’s working. Your daughter reached out and smacked my dog. Hard, audible thud as her hand hit her back. She’s a service dog, please teach your kids not to pet them’’.

One would actually believe that, the mother would become remor$eful knowing that the dog is a service dog, and that her inability to be truly responsible for curtailing the excesses of her wards is unacceptable in the society.

Instead, she was having none of that and hit back unremor$efully at Laura by commenting, ‘Excuse you’. This pr0bably made Laura so livid that she came at the woman with everything she has. She taught her a pretty good lesson which she would be wise to take into use moving forward. Laura sensationally replied by saying:

‘‘Yes, excuse me. Excuse me for expecting you as an adult to teach the children you are raising to be respectful of disabled individuals’’. She went on to give her the lowdown of everything that has happened and what her nonchalance and the actions of her children could have cost. She continued by saying, ‘‘Five minutes before I saw you, I got an alert from my dog, my heart rate was steadily climbing, my chest was becoming tight, my vision was becoming fuzzy, I felt like I was underwater.

You couldn’t tell my hip was sliding in and out of place and every step I took was p@inful and agonizing. You couldn’t see that your daughter’s actions caused my dog to miss a second alert. My heart rate now nearly 120, I felt like I was going to vomit, luckily I made it to my car before the full effects of my heart rate hit me like a ton of bricks. Luckily, my kids didn’t have to stand over their mother in the middle of the grocery store waiting for her to wake up.

Luckily, your kids didn’t have to see some woman hit the ground. It can be sc@ry for young kids, and even for some adults. I’m sorry that my tip to help you help your kids, and help the service dog community pissed you off’’.

She concluded by saying: ‘‘Disappointed you didn’t apologize, disappointed that I can’t shop without fear of your kids hitting my dog, disappointed that as a mum to another mum you reacted the way you did. However, I’m safe. I’m home, and I’m alive, because yes it could have ended completely different. I could not be. Just like that.’’

Laura was lucky to be fine in spite of what had happened, but some other people might not be so lucky. Service dogs are not like other pets. They are not to be touched or distracted as the life of their owners may depend on them. People need to learn this lesson and teach their children so that the foolish actions of some kids or adults even would cause irreparable damages to some other families.

Cassidy Campbell

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