Tenant Who Was Short on Rent Bea’ten Up With Brass Knuckles: Police

A man is alleged to have bea’ten a tenant with brass knuckles and then thre’atened him with a gu’n after the tenant fell behind on his rent, according to Oklahoma authorities.

Brian Thomas, 21, accompanied the landlord to a rental property near 200 E. Zion to collect overdue rent and dru’g money from the tenant on May 5, according to a Tulsa Police Department news release that was shared on Facebook.

The statement from the police on Monday read: “When the tenant was short on the rent, Thomas ass’aulted the tenant using brass knuckles, then pointed a gu’n at him and thre’atened his life.

“The tenant suffered injuries severe enough for a hospital visit.”

A patrol officer later found Thomas at his apartment near 51st and S. Memorial Drive at about 9:30 p.m. on May 7.

The Tulsa Police Department also found two pi’stols and evidence of mariju’ana distribution inside Thomas’ apartment, according to the release.

Thomas was then arr’ested and charged with the following off’enses:

ass’ault with a dan’gerous weap’on after former conv’iction of a fe’lony (AFCF)
Pointing a fir’earm with intent AFCF
thre’atening a vio’lent act AFCF
ga’ng-related off’ense
Two counts of possession of a fir’earm AFCF
The Tulsa Police Department said they are continuing to carry out their investigation into the alleged ass’ault and other charges. Police did not comment on whether the investigation extended to the landlord.

Newsweek has reached out to the Tulsa Police Department for comment about the case.

Last year, the Pew Charitable Trusts reported that nationwide total rent debt was estimated to be upward of $20 billion, with more than 5.8 million renters in arrears.

There have been numerous occasions in the U.S. where tenants have been har’assed by landlords and others.

Last year, a landlord in Portland, Oregon, pleaded gu’ilty to pulling a gu’n on a Black tenant who he called the n- word.

The August 2020 incident was captured on video and showed Leon Drennan using rac’ial slu’rs and also pointing a handgu’n at Torrance Hunter, who was a resident at the Stewart Hotel.

Drennan pleaded gu’ilty to several crimi’nal charges, which included one count of second-degree ass’ault, one count of unlaw’ful use of a weap’on, and one count of first-degree bias cri’me with a firearm.

In the lawsuit against Drennan, Hunter claimed the landlord hit him in the head with a crowbar and then pi’stol-whipped him.

Drennan also faced charges for other incidents that involved two other residents at the hotel, Latif Bossman and Kambria Kony.

Source: News Week

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