Boss Move: Here’s Why Ali Strongly Refused To Have His Name On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Muhammad Ali’s past refusal to put his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, CA has us applauding his individuality and self-awareness. Most celebs are jumping at the chance to get their hand print etched in mud and forever set into the tourist attraction/sidewalk. Hell, some celebrities are even paying for it, but you ain’t heard that from us. But nuh-uh…not Ali! Here’s why he was like, ‘Hell to the naw,’ when it came to getting that HWOF star…

The REAL Reason Ali Dissed The Hollywood WOF Offer

In a nutshell, Muhammad Ali refused to have his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, because he said he would never allow people to ‘walk all over him, nor his name’…LITERALLY! Therefore, he told the HWOF Association that the ONLY way he’d agree to having his name included in that line up, is if his star was placed on a wall, facing upright, so no one could step on it. Guess what? They actually AGREED to it!

Peep the photo of Ali’s Star mounted on the wall below. His is the ONLY Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star to receive such an honor…

Muhammad Ali’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star being guarded by security during a filming of it.

Today Ali is the ONLY celeb’ with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star situated above ground. It’s strategically placed on the the side of a building, towering over the rest of the stars…WOW. Ali was something else and we admire him greatly for it.

Check out the interesting clip that explained the rest of the details regarding why the late, great boxing champ refused for his name to be placed on the sidewalk of HOF below…

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