Judge Brings Teens Who k#lled Innocents To Tears After Uttering Several Words

A judge in South Carolina brought three teenage $uspects of a de@dly home invasion to tears as he denied them bond on all charges.

Five men in Huger, South Carolina, broke into the home of 28-year-old Kadeem Johnson, who was shot and k#lled during the home invasion, WCBD reports.

Police launched a massive search operation for the $uspects, and captured three of the five men.

The three captured $uspects, Jacob Mouzon, Drake Campbell and Kenneth Campbell Jr., appeared in a bond court before a judge facing charges of armed r0bbery and attempted murd€r.

The family of Jacob Mouzon appeared in court to speak to the judge.

Jacob’s father told the judge: “Jacob is like any 18-year-old, head strong. The mistake that he made against the v#ctim’s family, I would like to apologize to them.”

The father told the judge that Jacob was going into the South Carolina Army Reserves and planned to attend South Carolina State University in the fall.

“First, I would like to apologize to the family for my son,” Jacob’s mother told the judge. “He’s not a h0rrible person like everybody thinks, and our family is in shock.”

Jacob’s sister spoke to the judge as well.

“Jacob is my best friend,” she said. “And I know what he did was wrong. I completely understand that. But he is not a bad person. He really isn’t.”

Despite the family’s pleas, the judge denied bond for all three $uspects in custody. Police are actively searching for the other two $uspects.

Sources: WCBD

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