Cops arr’est 2 Women After Finding 500,000 Fentanyl Pills Hidden in Collagen Bottles

According to reports, two women in Arizona— 31-year-old Martha Lopez and 30-year-old Tania Solis were arr’ested this week after a traffic stop resulted in a dru’g bust.

The two women reportedly had children in the car, and were pulled over on Interstate 10 by Casa Grande, a city about 50 miles away from Ph’oenix. Officers claim they pulled over a black SUV that was speeding but ended up discovering 500,000 fentanyl pills that were hidden in collagen supplement bottles.

A K-9 reportedly found the dru’gs, and police also noted they found a fir’earm and “a large amount of U.S. currency” in the SUV. The two women were put in the Pinal County Adult Detention Center following their arr’est. Solis’ mother spoke on the matter, saying, “Why didn’t she think about us and her children? I have a lot of things to tell her,” the mother said. “Why did you put us in this problem? You didn’t have any need for this. She had everything that she needed.” Solis and Lopez were hit with charges that included child endangerment, misconduct involving weap’ons, importation of narcotic dru’gs for sale, transportation, and possession.


Cassidy Campbell

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