Casanova Pleads gu’ilty to Racket’eering & dru’g Charges, Faces 5 to 60 Years in pri’son

Casanova has decided to plead gu’ilty to racket’eering and narc’otics charges over a year after he was among 18 alleged members of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation to be indicted on racket’eering, mu’rder, narc’otics, firear’ms, and fr’aud offe’nses.


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The rapper’s charges reportedly stemmed from his leadership role within the Bloods ga’ng in Westchester County, New York City, and Florida. Casanova also admitted to participating in a 2020 shooting in Florida, a 2018 r’obbery in New York City, and conspiring to traffic over 100 kilograms of mariju’ana.

Casanova is now the 13th defendant to plead gu’ilty in the case. He is scheduled to be sent’enced on December 6th and is facing 60 years in federal pri’son, with a mandatory minimum of five years.

Source: Kollege Kidd

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