2 Men att’acking Cop On Freeway Get A Surprise They Didn’t See Coming

A Good Samaritan assisted an officer who was being att’acked by two assailants on the highway. A speeding car driving more than 100 mph was pulled over by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper on I-75.

The two men – Richard Lazo Torres and Isaac Ruiz Wilson — in the vehicle soon became aggressi’ve and were resisting arr’est.

According to the officer, Torres switched places with Wilson in an attempt to hide the fact he was driving with a suspended license.

The two men immediately began att’acking the officer after being pulled over, according to reports.

Jeffrey Duclos, a veteran and former Rhode Island police officer, happened to drive by and saw the cop was outnumbered and wrestling a man on the ground, so he pulled over on the busy highway.

“I saw the trooper on the ground in a confrontation with the person,” Duclos says, who used to train police officers in his home state.

He managed to pull one sus’pect off the officer while the other man continued to fight.

“I think the kid saw me coming, so he basically surrendered.

“Other people are in the car. If they come out, he’s got a major pr’oblem.”

Then Duclos and the trooper managed to handcuff both men in coordination with each other.

Two weeks prior, an unnamed man shot and ki’lled another man who was att’acking a Lee County sheriff’s deputy on the interstate.

“This individual who had a carry permit was a true hero,” Duclo said of that good Samaritan. “He got out of the car; he jeopardized his safety.”

Torres and Wilson were in a rental car that was past its return date. Both men were arr’ested for swapping drivers and resisting arr’est.

Duclos said the trooper he assisted was a complete professional, reports NBC2.

“I think more people ought to be prepared to help,” says Duclos.

Sources: NBC2

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