‘You Can Surely Feel the Love In This Video!’: Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer Reunite at Prostate Cancer Event

Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer proved that true friendship still exists in Hollywood.

The two men, who came up together in the industry as comedians, have been friends for more than three decades and gave fans a glimpse of their brotherhood as Steve and Cedric worked on numerous projects together. The list includes “The Steve Harvey Show,” “The Kings of Comedy,” and “Johnson’s Family Vacation.”

Despite the pair not working professionally together in years and gaining success in other endeavors, Steve and Cedric showcased that their love will always remain following their recent reunion at a prostate cancer event.

The Robert F. Smith’s Mobile Prostate Cancer Screening launch took place in Harlem, New York, on April 1 and also featured Chris Tucker and Charlamagne Tha God as attendees. In the upload shared on Steve’s Instagram account, the “Family Feud” host was seen posing with the guests when Cedric made his entrance.

The clip continues with Steve embracing his friend as soon as he hears Cedric’s voice. Following the exchange, the recording ends as Cedric greets the other guests. Alongside the video, Steve expressed how much he missed his friend in the caption.

He wrote, “Very important Prostate cancer mobile launch….. then I saw my Dawg!!!!! All love been too long @cedtheentertainer.” Cedric replied in the comment section, “My Dawg!!! Partna! Brother, Dert, lets get it!!”

As fans viewed Steve’s upload, many mentioned how much they loved the pair’s bond.

“This is so moving some people will ALWAYS be family.”

“I watched this like 5x awww man great friendship brotherly love.”

“I love you guys that’s a lifetime friendship right there.”

“You can surely feel the love in this video!”

“Oh I love this friendship. That’s real love for a real friend right there, not that fake social media stuff we see. This made my day uncle @iamsteveharveytv @cedtheentertainer.”

Among the previous remarks, others brought up how Steve And Cedric’s greeting reminded them of the men’s chemistry on “The Steve Harvey Show.” One wrote, “Aaawwww took me back to ‘The Steve Harvey Show.’” Another said, “Whoever grew up watching ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ felt this.”

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