Sinaloa Cartel Member Wanted in 196 Countries Arrested After GF Posts FB Photos

Reports surfaced noting that Sinaloa Cartel member Brian Verdugo, wanted in 196 countries, was arrested after his model girlfriend posted a photo of them together on Facebook.

Colombian police arrested the all-eged Sinaloa cartel member in a luxury apartment located in the city of Cali. Colombian authorities were alerted by the DEA that Verdugo entered the country in February 2022. A Facebook post from the model found the couple at Los Cristales, a hilltop statue of Jesus. Verdugo was reportedly in the country to broker c**aine deals wit the Revolutionary A*med Forces of Colombia on behalf of the cartel. After finishing his deals, Berdugo traveled to Cali and met with the model.

The all-eged Sinaloa cartel member was all-egedly looking to establish a permanent residence in Colombia and serve as a cartel liaison between Mexico and Colombia. Upon being arrested, Verdugo tried to br-ibe the police with $265,000 according to officials. The man told arresting officers “If I was in Mexico, I would have already been freed by a group of armed men.” Verdugo will be extradited to California for prosecution on c**aine trafficking charges. Stay tuned for more updates.

Cassidy Campbell

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