Shaquille O’Neal Covers The Funeral Costs Of Three-Year-Old Devin Page Jr Who Was Shot To Death

According to reports, the vic-tim in question Devin Page Jr was sleeping as a bullet took his life. And given that the vic-tim was only three-years-old, it has understandably left the family with a lot of pain.

But in order to help them out, Shaquille decided to make a difference in any way that he could. In a statement, the basketball legend said: “I’m so sorry for your loss. Me and a pastor friend are going to take care of everything.”

Although that may be the case, the very fact of the matter is that the family still has a lot to process for the following reasons. First of all, an investigation is currently ongoing in order to determine whether or not the person responsible can be held liable.

As of now, there is nothing new that way. Secondly, in an event, it is still not going to change the fact that Devin will not be able to come back. In another statement, Devin’s mother Tye Toliver stated: “I try to stick it out. Now that I stick it out, this is the outcome of what happened. My son got k*lled.”

The response on social media was mixed. A certain subset of people were outraged, as they wanted the person responsible to receive the highest possible punishment. Meanwhile, others were of the view that the community needed to come together just like Shaquille had done to make a change and help the family.

One person wrote: “Prayers for that sweet family mourning the loss of their little one. Shaq has a heart so big.” Hopefully, the family is able to overcome this hardship. After all, that is what Devin would have wanted for them.

Time will tell how the family reacts. So there you have it folks. What did you think about all of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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