Search Continues for G*nman in June 2020 M**der of College Student

A father is pleading for help finding the g*nman who k*lled his 18-year-old daughter in Northeast D.C. two years ago.

Saige Ballard was shot outside a friend’s birthday party at an Airbnb near Union Station the night of June 10, 2020. She was standing with a friend on E street NE when a g*nman walked up and opened fire, shooting her friend in the leg, then shooting Ballard multiple times.

“It does not appear that it was anybody that was a part of the party inside the residence,” Assistant Chief of Police Leslie Parsons said. “It appeared from the video and the evidence that we have she was shot multiple times and it appears as if she was targeted in this case.”

A law enforcement source says an ex-boyfriend has been questioned and cleared.

“I’m angry as a father,” James Ballard said.

“I would love to see the person who did it held accountable for m**dering my daughter,” he said.

“If you loved Saige and you miss Saige and you hurt because of Saige’s death and m**der, I would suggest you say something,” he pleaded.

Saige Ballard was a rising sophomore at Georgia State when she was k*lled. She was earning extra money delivering takeout.

“Was very helpful,” her father said. “She was very giving of her time; she was very giving of herself. She accepted people for who they are.”

She attended Wilson High School before enrolling at Capital City Public Charter School from which she graduated.

Anyone with information about what may have happened to Saige Ballard should call D.C. police. There’s a $25,000 reward for information that helps solve the case.


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