School Sent Back 4th Grader Boy To Home For Sneezing In Class & Told To Get A Negative Covid-19 Test – VIDEO

As schools begin to navigate reopening amid a global pan*emic, the institutions are also navigating how to handle students who display apparent symptoms, especially as also prepare for the fa-ll all*rgy and flu season which can bring similar symptoms.

However, one father from Arlington, Mass. believes his son’s elementary school overreacted when his 9-year-old son was sent home after sne-ezing. “I’ve been so upset about it,” Thierno Keita told CBS Boston. “I’m so upset about [them] sending my kid home.”

Keita now says that his son will not be allowed to return to school until he gets a ne*ative COVID-19 test, which could ca-use him to miss work and his son to miss the first few days of fourth grade, the news station reports.

Keita said that his son, Lancinet was fine when he left for school and displayed no symptoms when he went to pick him up after he got a call from the school nurse. He also checked his son’s temperature, which was normal.

“He doesn’t have any symptoms…” Keita said. “And I checked his temperature everything was perfect. His temperature was okay. It’s okay.” “I was thinking I didn’t have anything just a couple sne-ezes,” Lancinet added, saying he had sne-ezed twice when the teacher told him to go to the nurse.

The school, Bishop Elementary, released a statement noting that the decision was made out of an “abu-ndance of ca-ution and in acco-rdance with district protocols related to COVID-19,” after the student “displayed…related symptoms.” Sneezing is not a common symptom reported among Covid-19 patients and is not listed among the symptoms on the CDC website.


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