Report: Border Agents Smeared by Democrats For Allegedly ‘Whipping’ Haitian Migrants Have Been Cleared

Border agents who were smeared by White House officials and prominent Democrat figures after being falsely accused of ‘whipping’ Haitian illeg@l immigrants have reportedly been cleared by officials.

Despite it being a media-wide controversy in September of 2021, news of the exoneration has thus far only been reported by Fox News according to conservative media watchdog NewsBusters.

Lucas Tomlinson, a reporter for Fox News Channel’s Special Report, indicated the network “has learned that officials have cleared the horse-mounted border patrol agencies of wrongdoing after they were accused of whipping migrants in September and placing them on probation.”

The controversy began with images circulating on social media that purported to show a Border Patrol agent using a “whip” to corral predominantly Haitian illeg@l immigrants who were crossing the border in Texas.


Cassidy Campbell

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