Pregnant Woman Drove From Florida to New Jersey, Mur-dered Sister. Was The Tra-gedy Preventable?

A woman has been charged with ki-lling her younger sister after they had a dis-pute over money.

Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority via Facebook [main]; Bergen County Sheriff [inset]
A family is reeling after they say po-lice didn’t do enough to stop a 27-year-old Florida woman from ki-lling her 21-year-old sister in New Jersey.

Tony Miranda called po-lice in Jacksonville on March 21 to report that his fiancé, Angielly Dominguez, had sto-len five of his gu-ns and his white Ford Mustang and was headed to New Jersey.

Dominguez, who is pregnant with a baby girl due in July, was released from a hospital on March 18 following a Baker Act admission, which allows someone to seek emergency mental health treatment for someone else. A doctor reportedly deemed her stable enough to be released on March 19.

According to WJXT, officers classified the allegedly sto-len gu-ns and vehicle as a civil matter and told Miranda it wasn’t necessarily the-ft because he and Dominguez were in a long-term relationship.

Miranda reportedly tracked his fiancé via her phone’s GPS and watched as she traveled north towards her family home in New Jersey, which is 934 miles from Jacksonville. When Dominguez reached the New Jersey Turnpike, Miranda called his sister Gretchen Domenech who lives in New Jersey, and she alerted local authorities about Dominguez.

According to reports, the po-lice in New Jersey did not act on the tip.

A D€adly Confrontation

Dominguez arrived at her sister’s Little Ferry, New Jersey, home, but on the afternoon of March 22 an ar-gument allegedly broke out over money.

21-year-old Omelly Dominguez reportedly refused to give her older sister money for a hotel, and that’s when Angielly Dominguez allegedly pulled a g-un and sh0t her behind her left ear.

The sisters’ teenage brother was home at the time of the sh-ooting and told police he heard a g*nsh0t, walked into the living room, and saw the older sister stare back at him for a moment before fleeing the home. Omelly Dominguez di€d at the scene from her injury.

The younger sister was a junior at William Paterson University, where she was studying to become a nurse. She would have graduated in 2023.

Po-lice immediately issued a BOLO for the white Mustang that Angielly Dominguez was traveling in, but it took almost two hours before a state trooper spotted her on the New Jersey Turnpike outside of Mount Laurel.

She reportedly pulled over when the officer initiated a traffic stop, and a search of the vehicle allegedly recovered the five handg-uns that Miranda had reported sto-len.

Dominguez was arr-ested, and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office charged her with first-degree murder for ki-lling her sister. She is also facing w€apons charges and a charge for hindering her own arr-est.

Authorities in New Jersey and Florida said they are opening internal investigations into why warnings about the arm-ed woman weren’t taken seriously by officers.


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