Ohio Officer Fired for Detaining Daughter’s Boyfriend He Didn’t Like: ‘We’ll Make It up as We Go’ – Video

After pulling over his daughter’s boyfriend with her in the car, temporarily holding the lover without reason, and then driving away with his daughter confined in his patrol vehicle, an Ohio officer was dismissed.

On April, Lorain officer John Kovach Jr. stopped his daughter’s boyfriend, Makai Coleman, 18, for no reason and told him he is ‘going to lock-up.’ Meanwhile, Katlyn Kovach, his 18-year-old daughter, was sitting in the back seat of her boyfriend’s car.

‘Have a seat in my car,’ Kovach says when Coleman asks why he’s going to lock-up. ‘We’ll make it up as we go,’ Kovach says, his dashboard camera filming the entire conversation. Coleman agreed and sat in the back of Kovach’s car, while the officer spoke with Gloria Morales, who had come out of her adjacent home since two of her children were also in Coleman’s vehicle.

Morales is informed by the officer, who has been with the department since 1992, that his daughter’s laptop is at her residence and that he wishes to check it. Morales first accepts, but then warns her, saying he’ll issue a $300 citation to her daughter, who was also in Coleman’s car, for not buckling up. If he wants to come to check on her residence, the mother advises him to go get a search warrant. He didn’t seem to see his own daughter in the backseat of Coleman’s car until now.

He pushes his own daughter into the backseat of the patrol car after releasing his daughter’s boyfriend of at least three months from his car. ‘Why!’ Katlyn begins to yell at him. Why are you dragging me around? Why!’ ‘You can’t punish me for no reason,’ she sobs, and her lover challenges her father, asking, ‘Why are you throwing her in the car, she didn’t do anything?’ The officer then tells Coleman that his daughter had attempted su—de the day before.

‘I wasn’t!’ she exclaims. ‘I’m not harboring her, she’s 18, she can do anything she wants,’ Coleman adds. ‘She is going to the doctors,’ Kovach explains to Coleman, ‘because she stated she was planning to attempt su—de. ‘Do you have any evidence of that?’ her lover quips. ‘Have you received any text messages?’ And with that, the officer drives away, his daughter complaining to him that she has never done anything like this before.

An internal investigation into the incident revealed Katlyn’s father believed his daughter was going to commit su—de after his ex-wife informed him she and Coleman were having a relationship in her home, according to The Chronicle-Telegram. This was only one of the reasons Kovach was dismissed from the Lorain Po-lice Department on May 11.

After telling Coleman to depart, the former wife told Kovach that he intimidated her. A few minutes later, he spoke with his daughter and she said, “If I can’t be with him, I don’t want to be here anymore,” which he mistook as a threat.


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