Monica And Her Prison Bae Corey “C-M**der” Miller Are Trending After She Posts A Cute Picture On Instagram

Monica fans are asking Kim Kardashian and LaLa Anthony to help get C-M**der out of jail STAT.

C-M**der is currently serving life for the 2002 m**der of 16-yr old Steven Thomas.

Monica’s love and support for Corey have been consistent over the years and she posted a photo of herself in a warm embrace with him near a table this past weekend sending social media in a frenzy.

The picture looked reminiscent of one the couple took back in the 90s.

Twitter was too through with her (some in a good way).

Monica’s friend La La Anthony added, “Lifetime of love” with three red heart emojis.

One fan replied, “@lala @monicadenise Get LaLa to holla @kimkardashian to get him pardon. FR tho.”

Master P has spoken out about how much time their family has spent trying to get his brother out of Jail.

They believe he is innocent .

He has also called Kim Kardashian his angel for supporting his brother.

P said, “My grandmother, she’s not here right now. She’s my angel.

She should be his angel.

I’ve never heard him talk about her like that.

I know Kim Kardashian put out one tweet, and she his angel, which is crazy to me.

But I appreciate it.

Like I said, my brother is innocent, and I hope she can get him out.

I want him to come home.”

Twitter cont’d:



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