Mom Is Told Her Preemie Son Died at Birth, Gets a Phone Call and Hears He’s Alive 38 Years Later

A Chilean mother, Hilda Quezada Godoy, believed that her only son died at birth. But thirty-eight years later, she discovered a shocking truth that changed her world forever.

Hilda Quezada Godoy identified as a mother of three for many years following the death of her only son, Sergio.

She lived happily and content with her three daughters in Chile until 2021, when an unexpected phone call revealed that she had a fourth child, one she lost years ago.

Simultaneously, a Texas firefighter, born Sergio in Chile, but grew up as Tyler Graf with his American family, received the same life-changing phone call. Eventually, these two were linked, and after taking a DNA test to prove the connection, a journalist arranged a reunion.


Tyler Graf was born to a Chilean mother who, after delivery, was informed that her newborn was dead. Apart from dealing with the heartbreaking news, she was not allowed to see her baby’s remains.

However, the true story was that her baby was kidnapped and illegally handed to an American family shortly after his birth.

Picture of Tyler Graf with his adopted family | Source: Youtube/ ABC13 Houston

The American family was oblivious to the truth about their adopted baby. Thankfully, they treated him with as much love as possible, and he grew up loving his home.


The firefighter grew up in a loving household, and even though he was aware of his adoption, he did not know the truth behind his birth.

Graf seemed fine with the details until he welcomed a son with his wife. The Texas resident became consumed with tracing his roots.

Picture of Tyler Graf reuniting with his birth mother | Source: Youtube/ABC13 Houston

While sharing details about the journey to his truth, the father of one admitted that his adoptive family was incredible, but he wanted to know more about his background. He added:

“I think it was just knowing that my story did start before I was adopted.”


Amid the thought of finding his origin, Graf was not prepared for the news he got. During his quest, he was contacted by Hijos y Madres del Silencio, a Chilean organization.

This organization helps victims of illegal adoptions and child trafficking in the country. They told him he had been “illegally handed to an American family,” who knew nothing about the operation.


Once he had the information, Graf flew to Chile to meet his mother and three other sisters. Both mother and son were overwhelmed with joy. Godoy explained that it was a mesmerizing experience when she learned about her son. She added:

“I questioned a lot of things. The thought of if he was loved, if he ate well if he spent time cold.”

Graf’s siblings also admitted that meeting their long-lost brother felt “complicated” at first, but they loved and accepted him after knowing his personality. He was excited to know his birth mother and family.


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