Jesse Williams Returning To Grey’s Anatomy

According to Deadline Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew are set to return to Grey’s Anatomy as Jackson and April in their season 18 finale on May 26.

We reported earlier this month that according to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Jesse Williams asked the court to lower his $40,000 monthly child support payments saying he isn’t making millions as he used to while on Greys.

Well looks like things are about to change, temporarily…….possibly!

Williams departed Grey’s Anatomy last spring after 12 seasons. His character Jackson Avery’s exit was revealed in the May 6 episode, “Look Up Child,”.

Williams made two more appearances last season, in his last episode as a series regular the following week and a cameo in the Season 17 finale, in which he welcomed Jo and her daughter to his old apartment via video phone call. Williams and Drew’s return will now provide an update how Jackson and April are doing a year later.

At the time of Williams exit last May, I asked him whether he would return to Grey’s for a guest appearance.

“You know, I can’t be sure, but I think it’s possible,” he said. “Yeah, I think it’s totally possible. I think it’s totally possible. You never know how things will shake out.

There’s a lot of other factors at play, including schedules and stuff, but I love the idea of keeping that option open.” Drew also has said publicly that she would love to reprise her Grey’s role.

Well looks like it’s totally possible!

As a matter of fact here is his vision on how “Jackson’s” return:

“In my mind he will have many stumbles on his road to success in the administrative that he’s taken on running a foundation. I think this is something he will not, cannot give up on. He’s finally found a place for his whole self that is not just his profession,” he said.

“He’s always had this bubble wrap around him that has protected him, and being able to do this work, I think, he’s going to be thrilled and feeling like blood is coursing through his veins in a whole new way now. He’s going to feel alive in a way that he hasn’t before, which is very exciting.”

Sources say this is being promoted as a guest appearance, however there are active discussions for a full-time return.


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