‘I Feel Like The Luckiest Man In The World’: Record-breaking Dwarf Bodybuilder Finds Love With 6’3′-tall Tra-nsgender Woman – Video

Anton Kraft is the world’s strongest man pound for pound, having lifted four times his own body weight. The Florida-based dwarf, who is 4’4′ tall, has lifted up to 36 stone. He is just as competitive with women as he is with men. Kraft, 52, likes to date ladies that are at least a foot taller than he is.

He’s been seeing 6’3′ China Bell for the past six months. Bell, 43, who was born a man but has since transitioned, confesses she was hesitant when he first invited her out but was instantly won over by his strength.

Anton Kraft, a Danish male, has fallen in love with China Bell, a Florida tra-nsgender woman. Kraft’s record-breaking weightlifting powers, according to Bell left her knocked out. ‘The tide is shifting’ Kraft remarked, adding that their improbable coupling will become more common in the future.

‘I think Anton’s bodybuilding is so attractive because I think he’s stylish,’ Bell stated. ‘I’d never dated a 4’4″ guy before, and I was intrigued. I’m glad I gave him a possibility because he’s a truly remarkable individual.

‘I’m different, and he’s different, and the difference is okay where we come from.’ Kraft claims to have the greatest bench press record for his weight category in ten years of power weightlifting. However, it seemed like he strained his body too far. He claims to have ‘literally gone’ five times before being resuscitated, citing incidents as diverse as drowning and jum-ping out of a balcony.

Kraft, who has previously lifted 36 stone, says Bell is his motivation as he attempts to shatter another milestone. He’s a fitness celebrity, as evidenced by his appearance at a conference. Doctors are also concerned that if he continues to live a healthy lifestyle, he will suffer a heart at-tack.

Kraft, on the other hand, appears unfazed. ‘Some people believe what I do is weakness or micro-man syndrome – that I’m trying to show something by doing something I’m not designed for,’ he added. ‘However, I feel there is only one winner. ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re second or third.’ ‘I am one of the five strongest men in the world, independent of size or weight,’ he says, ‘and the only person who has ever lifted four times his own mass.’

His girlfriend, he claims, is his driving force. ‘We used to march against the tide,’ he recalls, but the flow has shifted. ‘Florida is one of the places that allows identical marriage, and we’re both of the same gender. ‘I appreciate marrying a tra-nsgender lady since she was born a guy and is working hard to transform into a woman.’

‘I find that most women who are born as women do not devote as much care to their beauty as they should.’ I feel like I’m the happiest man on the globe right now – we’re all happy and wonderful, and I’ve never felt much better than I do right now – and it’s all because to China.’

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