Guests Hospitalized After Eating Food allegedly Laced With Ca**abis, Bride And Caterer Charged

A Florida bride and her wedding caterer are being charged after several guests fell ill after eating food allegedly laced with ca**abis.

According to Click Orlando two months after the wedding Seminole County first responders assisted multiple people who reported feeling weird, sick and stoned at a Longwood wedding party in February, deputies this week arrested the bride and caterer for the event.

Danya Glenny, 42, and Jocelyn Bryant, 31, are accused of tampering with food that party guests claimed was laced with mar**uana.

The night of February 19, deputies responded to 400 Woodbridge Road to assist the Seminole County Fire Department with a medical call, according to an incident report.

From a crowd of 30-40 people at the venue, several complained of stomach pains and vomiting, and one man in his 40s requested transport to South Seminole Hospital because he was “feeling weird” and stated he felt like he “had d**gs inside him,” deputies said.

Medical transport was also requested by a woman who told deputies she suspected the food she ate was “laced with possible ca**abis” and vowed to prosecute.

At least three others also wished to press charges, and two people were noted as being too incoherent to give a written statement, deputies said.

Deputies said they made contact with Glenny and asked her if she had consented to or requested any of the food to contain can*abis products, which she denied.

While attempting to locate the manager of the catering service, later identified as Bryant with the company Jocelyn’s Southern Kitchen, deputies said all catering staff had either left or were just starting to drive off.

Multiple food items and pieces of glassware were collected for evidence and testing, including chocolate-covered strawberries, wine glasses, pudding shots, cookies, brownies and even a “handful of lasagna,” according to the report.

According to an arrest affidavit, the lasagna and a piece of bread collected at the scene tested positive for THC.

Glenny and Bryant were arrested Monday at the Seminole County jail. Both face charges of tampering, culpable negligence and delivery of m**ijuana, records show.

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