Future Orders Kentucky Fried Chicken to Louis Vuitton Dinner Because He Doesn’t Like Sushi

During his trip to Dubai this week, Future and his crew accepted an invitation to the Louis Vuitton store for dinner. The luxury brand was offering sushi on the menu for their guests, but Future ordered Kentucky Fried Chicken instead.

On Monday (Dec. 21), Hendrix shared on his Instagram Story a video of himself and his crew eating KFC at the Louis Vuitton store because neither him nor his friends liked sushi.

In the clip, the Atlanta rapper and his team are enjoying a bountiful feast of fried chicken and fries. Future captioned the video “Had to go for KFC, we dnt fuck with sushi,” along with a raising hands (a.k.a. praising hands) emoji.


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Future also mentioned his friend and fellow rapper Zona Man. He called him “his twin,” and in the video, it looks like Zona Man is happy with Future’s food selection of KFC instead of raw fish. Interestingly, the rolled-up sushi is still on the table untouched.

In another video, Future held a plate of chicken and fries to the camera to emphasize his favorite dish. A following clip features Zona Man jokingly presenting a sushi plate to a guest, who, by the look on his face, is visibly disgusted by the plate of delectable fish.

Sushi aside, Future stirred up the Twitterverse when he announced last Friday (Dec. 16) that he’s a bigger rap star in the streets than Jay-Z.

“I’m the only one can get YE to pull up whenever wherever..tuh,” he boasted on his Twitter account. “Everything I do legendary or it want get done. Tuh.”

“In the streets im bigger then jigga,” he continued. “Ima run me a b up easy.”

Future’s bragging rights sparked a debate among rap fans. Some urged the High Off Life artist to stop capping on the platform while others agreed that Hendrix is influential among his rap peers.

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