Florida TSA Agent Accused of Creating False Police Report to Cover for Being Late to Work

A TSA agent in Florida is being accused of forging a police report about a burglary to cover for the fact that she was late for work.

Taleta Collier, 34, a TSA agent at an airport in Tampa, was arrested on Monday for the offense. Collier was reportedly on an employee improvement plan for excessive tardiness.

Per local outlet Click Orlando:

When she arrived for her shift, deputies said Collier told her boss she reported to the sheriff’s office that a man with a knife tried to break into her parents’ car. Collier could not provide a case number or business card of a detective investigating the incident, so she was asked by her supervisor for a copy of the report, the sheriff’s office said.

Collier sent a screenshot of a document to her supervisor claiming it was a police report. However, she was asked to provide a physical copy because the screenshot “was cut off halfway through the second page and no incident description was visible.” Not long after the supervisor forwarded the document to authorities was it determined to be a fake report. Collier did, however, use the name and number of a current deputy who was on vacation at the time the alleged report was filed.

She faces charges of criminal use of a personal ID and uttering a false document.

Source: clickorlando.com

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