Family mourns 17-year-old k*lled in road rage incident

Police say Teonna Covington, 17, was shot and k*lled Easter Sunday in an apparent road rage incident.

Teonna Covington, 17, died when she was shot in what police called an apparent road rage incident Sunday just after 6:30 p.m.

Police said Covington was a passenger in a car on North 29th Street near West Courtland Avenue when she was k*lled.

Covington’s family held a v-igil outside her home on Monday.

Her mother told WISN 12 Covington had just had a baby one month before she died.

“She wanted to go out, I told her, ‘You can go, just leave the baby here,” said Toni Ivy-Covington, the teen’s mother. “That’s the last time I talked to my baby.”

During the vigil, the vic-tim’s mother called for justice for Covington.

“We got a new mayor now, let’s see what’s going to happen, because this right here is unacceptable,” Covington’s mother said. “Whoever done this, turn yourself in, before the streets find you.”

Milwaukee Police Department said it is searching for suspects in this case.

Police did not immediately have additional information regarding the events that led up to Covington’s death.

Covington’s mother setup a GoFundMe to help pay for funeral expenses and child care.


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