Elise Neal: Fit, Fine & 56!

Elise Neal, a self-proclaimed “southern girl,” is known for playing memorable, award-nominated roles in movies such as “Hustle and Flow,” The Real Husbands of Hollywood, Hollywood Divas, movies like Logan with Hugh Jackman and many more.

Her model-like physique hasn’t gone unnoticed either…she’s been turning heads for years. In fact, the now 55-year-old Elise (yes, hunny…she’s 56 and fine!)

In 2015, actress Elise Neal posted a few bikini pics on Instagram to show off her amazing, fit body — and it immediately broke the internet. Why? Because the jaw-droppingly beautiful actress was just shy of her 50th birthday!

Now that Neal is 56, she’s still turning more heads than women half her age. But how does she do it?

Elise has revealed some of her healthy eating and workout tips that help her maintain her sexy look.

Dancing is Her Secret Ingredient

“I started dancing at 6 years old, so fitness is something I do regardless,” Neal told People. “I train and work out really hard regardless of whether I’m in a film, or if I have to do something physical for a project or not. I’ve enjoyed being fit my whole life.”

“As a dancer, you could do six classes in a day, and that’s just kind of the lifestyle,” she said. “Working out an hour or an hour and a half every day is the norm for me unless it’s really, really hectic. I just love it. I feel better, I sleep better, I don’t get angry with people so much. It helps me all the way around. I’d like that feeling to continue so I try my best to keep it up.”

Dancing, as you can see if you follow her on her Instagram, has really helped her to develop (and stick with!) a fitness routine.

In addition to dancing, Neal has launched her own fitness boot camps that share exactly what workouts she does, as well as what she eats to maintain her internet-breaking body:

Her Workout

Consistently shoot for five days a week, but sometimes works out three days a week
Walk or sprint for at least thirty minutes
Focus on squats, lunges, and sit-ups at least 2-3 times a week.

Her Diet

  • Fruit & vegetable-filled lean shakes
  • Daily vitamin supplements specifically designed for women

“I try to eat right, but I’m still southern, so bacon creeps in there sometimes. And that’s okay with me. When that happens, I know not to eat too much of it.”

Southern women are traditionally curvier and have more meat on their bones, but you shouldn’t count them out as unhealthy.

As a matter of fact, studies have shown that a woman who has more backside can lead to a healthier heart.

Some tests show women with bigger breasts have healthier eyesight.

In any case, it’s Elise’s goal to help all southern women stay fit.

“I work out three times a week,” said Neal. “I have a gym at my house where I’ll jump on the treadmill, and I do free weights. I find time by doing 200 sit-ups or some squats while watching TV! I love Tae-Bo.

I also do a workout called Barry’s Boot Camp. You sprint for a minute, walk, sprint again, work with resistance bands for your arms. It’s a way to get shapely arms without building them up too big.”

Source/Credits: blackdoctor.org

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