UPDATE 11:50 AM PT — James has been charged in Brooklyn Federal Court with one count of violating 18 U.S.C. 1992 (a)(7) … “which prohibits t-errorist and other v-iolent att-acks against mass transportation systems.” He faces up to life in prison if convicted.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, James was dressed as a construction worker when he ignited s-moking devices inside a subway car and began to s-hoot at passengers. The docs state James left two bags behind at the scene whose contents included a g*n, gasoline, a torch, f-ireworks and multiple bank cards. The g*n appears to have been purchased legally by James.

Frank James, the suspect in the Brooklyn subway shoo-ting, has been taken into custody … according to law enforcement sources.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … James was arrested in the East Village Wednesday. Clips from the arrest show squads of cop cars surrounding the area as they load him into the back of their vehicle.

As you know, upwards of 30 people were treated for injuries Tuesday after the bloo-dy aftermath in Brooklyn. There were also reports of smoke inhalation … as the shooter appears to have used a flashbang of some kind to obs-cure people’s vision.

A man named Zack Tahhan, who was working in the area where James was caught, says he recognized the suspect from news reports and called the cops … who made the arrest.

James’ YouTube page has been unearthed over the past 24 hours, and the clips are alarming … including James going on rants left and right and one video labeled “STOP ONE COMPLETE,” where it looks like James says “you oughta die.”

He seems quite agitated by the state of affairs in 2022 … and he invokes v-iolent language to talk about much of it.

Fortunately, no f-atalities yet, and none are expected. NYC Mayor Adams called for a national response to g*n vio-lence as a result of the shoo-ting. He also said there’d be changes on the city level — including more officers in the subway.

Originally Published — 11:30 AM PT


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