Boosie Tells Worker in Jamaica He’s a “Don Dada In The States”

Boosie has made headlines for his interviews on VladTV, which have been going viral. The latest one found him speaking on Yung Bleu, saying he couldn’t work out the situation with the artist’s team, so he’s taking everyone to court. Now, Boosie has returned on a lighter note, speaking to a worker in Jamaica and telling him about his property in the states.

Boosie went on to say “I’m a big player, I’m a big don dada in the states. I live on 80 acres. 80 acres. Do what you want. Football field. Zipline. You know how y’all got ziplines?” He continued on saying “I got it in my backyard” before the man responded by saying “seriously?” Boosie replied, “Seriously mon!” Take a look above.

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