‘Black Panther’ Actor Tony Todd Re-Discovered His Rare Michael Jordan Signed Baseball Bat After 26 Years

‘Black Panther’ actor Tony Todd re-discovered a Michael Jordan signed baseball bat in his trunk after 26 years, and it now putting it on the auction block so some lucky collector can give it a home!

The Louisville Sl-ugger was gifted to the actor by the G.O.A.T himself after watching him in action while playing for the Scottsdale Scorpions baseball team. As you know, MJ played professional baseball for a time.

We’re told Todd was invited to the locker room after watching Jordan play that day, and after discussing how he had starred in the baseball fl-ick ‘Little Big League’ — MJ gifted him the game used wooden bat, and he even signed it!

Take A Look! The bat had been lost inside the trunk of the actor for over 20 years. But, after the massive success of ‘The Last Dance,’ a friend of the stu-ntman asked if he still had the legendary signed bat.

After forgetting where he put the priceless piece of memorabilia, Tony remembered he had placed it in a bat rack he had built inside of the trunk of his Pontiac. “I’m not in de-sperate need to sell it, and I don’t want to give it away,” Todd said. But, admits he is willing to let it go to someone who will really love the piece of history.

“It te-ars at my heart to sell the bat. But, I know that there are so many deserving MJ collectors who would tre-asure this piece for years to come,” he said. Tony Todd has partnered with Memory Lane Auctions in Southern California, and the bat is currently on the market.

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“The Jordan documentary brought so much attention to the Michael Jordan memorabilia and the Chicago Bulls’ memorabilia markets,” said Daniel Wulkan, owner of Memory Lane. He added, “Prices have expl-oded. The industry is absolutely on fi-re. And something like this, probably the only Jordan-used bat used in existence on the market, will create a lot of interest. To have the photo, the whole story behind it, just adds extra value.”

As we reported, one of Jordan’s game-worn Nike sneakers from 1985 just sold for $560,000, so we are guessing this one will bring in a pretty penny!

Source: floridanews.me

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