Benzino Calls 50 Cent a ‘P!$sy,’ ‘Informant,’ ‘Bi*ch,’ Fif Fires Back by Dissing ’Zino’s Jaw

The ongoing back-and-forth spat between Benzino and 50 Cent has taken yet another turn, with both rappers taking heavy shots at each other full of accusations.

In an interview with podcaster Queenzflip that dropped on Thursday (April 14), Benzino addressed 50 Cent’s recent social media posts that seemingly accused ’Zino of having some sort of relationship with trans-gender model Shauna Brooks.

Through the course of the interview, Benzino can be seen becoming increasingly angry with 50, ultimately working himself up to the point where he completely spazzed on the Power exec, accusing him of being a police informant.

“That n*gga’s a rat and a pu$$y in my book,” the former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star said. “He’s an informant and he has no morals, and he has no really good judgement. The n*gga’s a multi-millionaire and he’s posting sh*t about me that ain’t true. F**k that n*gga. And I’ll stick my d*ck in his girl’s mouth, and then we can see who’s a tra-nny. Like, I don’t play those games, bro. F**k that n*gga.”

From there, Queenzflip seemingly defends 50 by claiming that it’s never been proven that he snitched on anyone. At that point, Benzino remained animated and responded by claiming that Fif dropped a dime on Ja Rule and his M*rder Inc. camp back in the day.

“He’s a r*t. The n*gga been on papers,” ’Zino continued. “My n*gga, he snitched on Ja Rule and them a long time ago. If you don’t want the paperwork then you can’t say he’s not a rat.”

Once word got back to 50 Cent about Benzino’s latest rant, the G-Unit boss was quick to hit up his infamous Instagram page with a post further poking fun at the situation, dissing the Made Men rapper’s distinct jawline and re-posting one of the aforementioned video clips of the @lleged phone conversation between Benzino and Shauna Brooks.

In the post accompanied by a screengrab of Benzino from the Queenzflip interview, Fif wrote, “The fvck is wrong with ya jaw Boy, The worlds not ready for that @iambenzino gives Shawn-Na [five mics] LOL.”


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Earlier on in the podcast, when explaining his side of the story in regards to the Shauna Brooks accusations, ’Zino implied that the video clips Fif posted to Instagram on Wednesday (April 13), in which a voice assumed to be that of Benzino’s can be heard explaining to Brooks that he doesn’t want his name associated with the trans-gender community, were edited specifically to make him sound bad.

“That Shauna Brooks thing was like three years ago,” Benzino said as he was pleading his case. “Now, let’s just have common sense alright? If I was f***ing with a trans-gender and I was on the phone with ’em, don’t you think that that conversation would be all n-asty as f**k?”

He continued by explaining that he was simply telling the model that he’s not used to interacting with trans-gender people.

“I’m saying, yeah, that lifestyle, I’m not used to,” said Benzino. “I’m not used to talking to a trans-gender.”

Watch Benzino’s interview with Queenzflip below. Fast-forward to the 14:20-mark to listen to him accuse 50 Cent of being a s-nitch.


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