Beautiful Bride Who Was Fat-Shamed For Her Engagement Photos is Now Happily Married to Her King – Video

Every woman must have imagined the scene in her mind, where her man finally puts a ring on her finger. And you with all excitement and joy walks down the aisle. Now imagine this, you took photographs of your most awaited moment and shared your happiness online. The pretty casual thing right?

Mzznaki Tetteh did exactly the same. Unfortunately, her joy was not celebrated online but was taunted by heartbreaking comments over her size.

However, the plus-size, beautiful bride has had the last laugh by marrying her love in a splendid ceremony.

The nurse from Ghana walked down the aisle with her love, construction worker Kojo Amoah.

Her beloved husband, named A Kojo Prince on social media, posted photographs of the happy day on social media.

His bride, Mzznaki looked bright in an embroidered dress, with sheer embellished sleeves. And completed her bridal look with a white birdcage veil. And she styled her hair in a refined updo and complemented it with diamond earrings.

Fortunately this time, the pair have received positive comments from the public as they celebrate the beginning of married life. Last year, the couple went viral when Mznakki posted a series of photographs on her Instagram profile to celebrate her engagement. One picture was— Kojo lifting her bride-to-be in his arms.

Sadly, inhuman trollers flooded her comment box, commenting: ‘How is that beautiful?’ Another negative commenter wrote:‘He just caught himself a 400 pounder right there.’ Another username, Sarkodie_1738 added the taunt: ‘You fat’.

However, intransigent Mzznaki wouldn’t let anyone disturb her happiness and she responded to the trollers by saying: ‘Still confident…your junk comments ain’t ru-ining my happiness…thanks to all for the compliments and best wishes…I am honored.’

Mzznaki put the taunts behind her and continued to post photographs of her wedding. Posts also included pictures of her friends throwing her a surprise bridal shower. Writing on Instagram Mzznaki described her joy about walking down the aisle and marrying her Prince.

Her post reads: ‘I just can’t imagine what I would do if I didn’t have you to hold my hands and look into my eyes to tell me as yours forever.’ ‘Just wanna let u know that the flames of passion between us will never be extinguished. You are the reason why I smile and why our love thrives between miles.’

‘I can BOLDLY say I am the luckiest woman to have a HUSBAND like you and I want the whole world to know that you will forever be the man for me.’ She further wrote:‘Am glad I got the dibs for you. For you are a rare species and probably the last of the world’s best husbands.’

She added: ‘Baby, I love you more than yesterday but not as much as I will tomorrow and I can’t wait to walk down the aisle to say “I do” and spend the rest of my life with you.’


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