Baby Girl Left With Gash On Her Face After Doctors Accidentally Cut It During Caesarean – Video

During a cesarean delivery, a newborn baby girl has been left with a scar on her cheek after doctors fortuitously cut her face. Darya Kadochnikova, a 19-year-old Russian mother, had originally planned a natural birth in a public hospital but she agreed when doctors recommended C-section as a safer option because her baby reportedly ‘changed position’ in the womb.

The teenage mother was assured with an intravenous anesthetic after the epidural injection didn’t work on her as she still could feel the incision.

The moment she woke up, she was sh-ocked to see a deep cut on her newborn baby daughter’s face. According to the pictures, the cut is right next to her nose and beneath her right eye.

According to Russian media, Darya was informed by the doctors that her newborn daughter ‘shouldn’t have moved too much’ during the procedure. The teenage mother fell ill with a high fever after the C-section birth. However, presently taking antibiotics, she continued b-feeding her newborn daughter.


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